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Ethan Ellenberg Literary Agency. Perhaps he or she represents other authors you love or represents the same genre as your book. Agents love a polished manuscript. This makes the writer appear more professional and serious, and will definitely add more weight to your query letter. Check out our services page for more information on how we can help you. Finally, the key to querying agents is volume.

Two or three queries will rarely hit the mark. To find the right agent at the right time, you often need to send out a lot of query letters. As you'll see below, some of the greatest literary minds had to deal with rejection. A shadow would be cast over the literary world had they given up on their dreams. Agatha Christie — 5 years of continual rejection. JK Rowling — 12 rejections until the eight-year-old daughter of a Bloomsbury editor demands to read the book. The rest is history.

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Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen — years of rejection. Chicken Book for the Soul sold million copies. Margaret Mitchell — 38 rejections. Gone with the Wind sold 30 million copies. Brevity is your friend. Most literary agents will not even consider a query letter with more than one page or front and back.

Expect that this agent will say yes because your book is awesome, and waiting to be discovered. Check with the submission guidelines for specifics. You have about two sentences to turn the spotlight on yourself. In fact, the only thing you should discuss about yourself. There are people who still use pen and maybe even pencils. This is not the time for either of those utensils. A query letter should be typed with a standard font. Image Courtesy of FeedGrids. Keep the font size to 12 pt and the textcolor should be black.

Also, use white paper. Let me help you organize your thoughts, highlight your manuscript's best features and proofread this important document for optimal voice, clarity and flow. Critique: While I am very rarely available for proofreading or editing entire manuscripts given my current schedule, I do try to make myself available to pre-published writers who are working hard to get into the business of making their dreams come true.

For the stalwart and brave of heart, I critique manuscripts for picture books, middle grade, young adult and adult novels no poetry or screenwriting will be considered at this time.

I have limited time, but a limitless love of reading and writing, which means that I can be swayed by good work! That said, it is necessary to observe the following guidelines before I can consider your work for critique:. We will discuss the turn-around time you require and other sundry details. Rush jobs are rarely considered and may incur an additional cost.

Coaching Call: Sometimes we just need a soundboard for our ideas, especially when we're stuck. You can apply for coaching and one-on-one assistance in minute blocks. Successful coaching requires another previous service or synopsis review in order to be familiar with your work beforehand. Marketing Consult: In another life, I had some experience in marketing and advertising and it has served me well in this phase of life. If there's one thing I have it's an out-of-the-box perspective with a real nose for resourcefulness.

If you are at the stage where you would like to consider what to do for a hook on business cards, bookmarks or postcards, what creative ways you can promote your book to interested niche markets or brainstorm a unique a blitz campaign, I can help bring possibilities to light. Trans characters on television are usually victims in crime dramas.

Ana Mardoll is a writer and activist who lives in the dusty Texas wilderness with two spoiled cats. Xer favorite employment is weaving new tellings of old fairy tales, fashioning beautiful creations to bring comfort on cold nights. Xie is the author of the Earthside series, the Rewoven Tales novels, and several short stories. Read the rest of our case studies, featuring authors , trade publishers, and academic publishers here.

Search Engine Optimization SEO is the primary strategy that helps online content find its way to readers. SEO boosts discoverability. It means having thoughtfully and strategically optimized keywords. In practice, an author with great SEO skills stands a better chance of having their website or information show up earlier in Google results. When you think about developing an SEO strategy, think about what someone might be looking for when you want them to find your work.

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What search terms are they likely to use? Those search terms will become the keywords that you can incorporate into your work. One is through clear titles and subject lines for your writing. You can also put keywords into your metadata and into the content itself.

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For example, WordPress lets you list keywords for your posts. But be sure to use your keywords in the writing itself, too. Adding in these keywords in metadata and content might seem redundant, but search algorithms work on repetition, so we recommend adding them in. Making your content easily shareable helps boost its discoverability as well. This makes it easy for that author to know that someone is writing about them, and makes it easy for them to share your work if they like.

Literary agents bridge the space between editors and authors, working with both to shepherd great books into the world. Because they work closely with both editors and authors, they have a unique vantage point within the industry. They know what editors expect, and how authors can best set themselves up for a successful working relationship. You may not even need to have a big social media footprint when or even after your book is sold. This is okay. However, social media can be a place where you find community and friendship.

It can also be a way to communicate with your fans and readers, not to mention a fun way to support your books.

Ultimately, when it comes to social media you have to find your own personal comfort level. Yes, the author has the final say on their story, and their writing, and their book.

They all want to help make your work stronger. And help you tell the story you want to tell. Before you shell out money for a website domain though, be sure that it is the name you really want to use. I advise using your name or pen name as your domain name. But, if that name is already taken, think about adding book-related words to the end. Joining a professional organization could be a great way to find community and educational resources.

For example, I work with a lot of romance authors, so RWA Romance Writers of America is a helpful professional organization for romance writers, both published and unpublished. Expect and prepare for rejection. This industry is not for the faint of heart. An author and agent will see and experience many more rejections than offers and success stories, particularly when they are starting out.

Just keep swimming! Yes, I appropriated that quote from Dori. Just keep writing. Just keep going. It only takes one YES! Additionally, you can find her on Twitter. How runaway NetGalley success shaped the launch strategy for this Alice in Wonderland retelling.

Ramsay had modest expectations for her first novel, but with over NetGalley reviews and a 4-star average rating, Ever Alice has been a huge success. The pre-publication attention Ever Alice has been getting on NetGalley gave Ramsay some insight into how her title might fare once it hits its on-sale date, and helped her reshape her whole launch plan.

How has your NetGalley listing shaped how you think about your strategy for launching Ever Alice? NetGalley has given me the confidence to really go after Ever Alice and seek outside sources to help promote it. Publishing Ever Alice started out as almost a pet project just to see what kind of reception it would have and to experience what it was like to have a published book.

I mean, how awesome is that! That happened in 24 hours. How do you connect with your readers both for this specific book campaign and as part of your overall strategy as an author? Honestly, I had no idea that Ever Alice would have the kind of response it did. My NetGalley success did encourage me to become more active with social media.

My plan is to be more accessible to readers, such as through Twitter and Instagram. Maybe I will when Ever Alice is published so that I can look at promoting its publication date and where readers can purchase a copy. Once Ever Alice started gaining traction on NetGalley, how did you leverage the interest? That changed after I saw the response Ever Alice was having. At the end of the day, what I really want is to have a career as an author. I love writing and the writing community. Half of the members requesting access to Ever Alice say that they are drawn to the description of the book.

Tell us about how you created such compelling copy, or what you think is resonating with the members requesting access. Retellings are amazing because they bring readers from different genres together. For instance, someone who primarily reads mystery, might be open to a retelling because they are already familiar with the story.

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They read the original when they were most likely a child. I know my interest is always piqued when I find out that something is a retelling. Members also love the cover! What message did you want to send to potential readers when you were designing the cover? Because the setting and characters are so topsy turvy, I wanted to keep the cover simple, almost like a juxtaposition of what awaits the reader within. I just love its minimal use of color and illustration.

Be patient. With so many options available to self-publish its very easy to complete a story, upload it, and press click. Instead of rushing to do that, take the time to make sure your novel is as ready as you can possibly make it. Bio: H. Ramsay has loved fantasy ever since she was a child.

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As such, she is drawn to fantasy with a darker side to its glittery world and the idea that things are never what they seem. Ever Alice is her first published novel. Read the rest of our case studies, featuring authors, trade publishers, and academic publishers here.

On NetGalley Insights, we highlight the successes of NetGalley publishers and authors, and share some of their strategies. Their response time was great for sending me monthly reports, submitting promotions, forwarding reviews and posting featured reviews. When I was worried I was not getting enough reviews on Gold Digger , they gave me knowledgeable input that Gold Digger was doing quite well!

I feel that having my book listed under the IBPA umbrella offers prestige for my book. I learned from my first novel, The Secret Life of Mrs. London , that NetGalley is the professional hub of bloggers, librarians, Goodreads, Bookbub and Amazon reviewers, and avid readers who love to share their reviews. The more buzz the better when launching a novel, and NetGalley makes that possible.

We encourage professional reviewers to use the NetGalley link as well as bloggers, Facebook group moderators, Goodreads and Bookbub reviewers. In my opinion, if a reviewer gets the book from NetGalley, they are readers who take the reviewing experience seriously. NetGalley reviewers are connected and powerful influencers. I often use reviews in my marketing, and I feel that NetGalley reviewers carry more credibility. Tell us about your strategy and unique goals around these promotions.

First of all, I took a six-month run on NetGalley instead of three-months before my launch date in order to reach as many reviewers as possible. When I saw the great marketing opportunities NetGalley offered, it made sense to support my listing with the Category Spotlight and Featured Title placement early on to get attention. I am hoping to reach different segments of readers in different months with different promotions.